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TPC Las Vegas Public Again Sept 2022

Las Vegas Golf TPC The Players Course

One great aspect of our sport is the ability to play the same game, on the same course as the pros. TPC Las Vegas was a great place to do just that, until this year.   

This year TPC Summerlin has been under renovation. Summerlin is primarily a private course, with the exception of MasterCard holders on certain occasions. Members have been playing TPC Las Veags during the renovation. That left the public out in the cold for a while. TPC Las Vegas has been closed to the public this year. 

Good News! TPC Las Vegas reopens to the public at the end of Sept 2022. 

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Peter Alliss compares Tiger Woods to Pavarotti

PONTE VEDRA BEACH, Fla. (AP) -- British player-turned-broadcaster Peter Alliss is among those who believe Tiger Woods is getting too much instruction.

At a news conference before his induction into the World Golf Hall of Fame, Alliss said Woods' "golfing brain for some reason or another is completely addled." What astonished him was a scene from the practice range at the Masters last year. Alliss said he was sitting with Arnold Palmer at the end of the range.

"And there 50 yards away is Tiger Woods at the green nearest the television facility being shown how to chip," Alliss said. "`You must do it this way, this way.' And I said to Arnold, `Are we seeing ...?' He was the greatest chipper in the world for a period, and this guy is teaching, `No, don't do it that way.'

"It's like Pavarotti saying, `I'm fed up with being a tenor. I think I'm going to sing as a baritone.' Land sake," he said. "That's as stupid as that, in my opinion. That's not a criticism, that's an opinion. But that's why he's fuddled and befuddled. ... But he's gone. He's gone at the moment."


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Best Golf Values

I would like to hear other members comment on the better values on courses they have played recently. I have played many in the last month and can highly recommend LAS VEGAS NATIONAL $45 and in great shape. PALM VALLEY with perfect poana grass greens also around $50 and HIGHLAND FALLS. SPANISH TRAILS by far one of the best courses in town can be played for about $70 right now due to financial issues but the course is perfect! I played TPC LV last week as they were running a special for $59 and well worth it! Be careful right now as many courses are punching there greens. Please share any others you can recommend. I'm always looking for great places to play without getting burned by huge green fees. Thanks.

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