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"Did that really just happen?

Catching up with a friend today. Her man works at a golf shop as a fitter. Freddy Couples came in to have his wife's clubs adjusted. He got to spend 2 hours working with them. That's a golf fans dream come true. He must still be asking himself... "Did that really just happen? 10928892261?profile=RESIZE_584x

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TPC Las Vegas Public Again Sept 2022

Las Vegas Golf TPC The Players Course

One great aspect of our sport is the ability to play the same game, on the same course as the pros. TPC Las Vegas was a great place to do just that, until this year.   

This year TPC Summerlin has been under renovation. Summerlin is primarily a private course, with the exception of MasterCard holders on certain occasions. Members have been playing TPC Las Veags during the renovation. That left the public out in the cold for a while. TPC Las Vegas has been closed to the public this year. 

Good News! TPC Las Vegas reopens to the public at the end of Sept 2022. 

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Summer Pool Parties

Decided to check out the pool party at the new Virgin Hotel in Las Vegas. Elia Beach Club, 11am to 6pm Fri, Sat & SundaysTickets $20 and they have a DJ.  Virgin is where Hard Rock used to be. Man I miss that place! 

Cocktails are $20, day beds are $2000 a day, even a 2 chairs and umbrella is $500. But! I have some tips if you're on a budget. Dont be early, wait til after 1pm, once the pool area fills up, people are socializing and sitting everywhere. Slam a few drinks before you hit the pool to save money. Make sure you hydrate! Heat plus alcohol will dehydrate you.  

It was a really friendly crowd. After a few drinks I decided to go on the stage below the DJ and dance. Next thing I know I had 50 people up there with me. A few hours later, after it thined out, I finally got my camera out and took a short video.

I plan on going once a week or so this summer, we should get a group together, message me if you are interested in coming along. 

-Rick Jansen

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From the Tips


Fixing the "Slice". Not many things can kill your distance off the tee or get you in trouble like a "slice". Try this, "close your stance" in the picture you can see my LEFT foot is in front of the line (closer to the ball). This simple thing can help to cure the "slice" gain more yardage and keep you in the fairway. Get to the range, work on it, you will lower your score.

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From the Tips

To many times I see the average golfer feel like if the ball is a few feet off the green they must chip it. Tip: If your ball is just off the green (in mowed grass) use you putter instead of chipping. Eliminate the risk of "chunking" or "blading" it. You'll save strokes and lower your score.               10663899463?profile=original

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From the Tips.

There is a reason pros take time to line up putts...IT MATTERS! If you want to shave strokes off your game take a little more time reading the breaks from all sides of the hole, ESPECIALLY the LOW SIDE of the hole. Don't just look from the ball to the hole, go to the other side of the hole and look back at the ball. Get low, you will notice the contours better, even subtle breaks near the hole that will make the difference. Then set the line on the ball to match the line of your putt, trust it and let it roll. Do these simple things and you'll make more putts and lower your score. Remember, doing it in a timely fashion is important.

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How to watch Golf.

Before I started playing - I thought golf should be removed from TV - it has been compared to watching paint dry. However, it can be fun. You can learn a lot watching too. I scream and yell during a tourney so much - you would think I'm watching football or a boxing match.  Here are some tips to help you enjoy watching the game.

1. Get to Know The Players

If you are new to the game - you will need to get to know the players. There are some real characters.   If you had a friend playing - you probably wouldn't mind watching them. So get to know the players by watching one of the bigger tournaments - where they all show up - on a Sunday afternoon. Find some players you LOVE and some you HATE - makes it fun.  You can yell "Shank! right before the ones you hate Tee off -  from the comfort of your own home and the marshal's wont say a thing. If you you make some bets you'll do that a lot - when anyone you don't have money on is about to hit the ball.

2. Bet a Couple Bucks

I don't want to encourage gambling - but - for a few bucks - the game gets way more interesting. Go down to the Hilton sports-book - (now called LVH) The sports-book in is the back - Swenson north - turns into Joe Brown right after Flamingo - next to Las Vegas Country club. They are the only book I know of other than maybe MGM that always has a betting sheet on golf. Put $5 on 5 or 10 players. The odds are great - you can get anywhere from 6-1 to 1000-1. Yes that' not a typo - 1000-1. Watching someone make a 4' put takes on a whole new meaning when you have $400 riding on a $5 bet.

If you want a little advantage - You can get the latest player stats here:  

Just remember - never bet anything you can't afford to burn.

3. Coverage - Luck of the Draw

Whether or not your players are shown on TV is determined by start times. On Thursdays and Fridays each player will play late one day and early the next or vice versa. Coverage the first two days is usually limited to Golf Channel starting at either 10 or 12 in the morning until about 3pm. So, if it's an East Coast tourney - 9am Tee times are 6am here and those players will be finished before coverage starts. But they will play late one of those days and you'll get to see them. Saturdays and Sunday's are broadcast on Golf Channel around 10am and then the coverage switches to NBC or CBS around noon. You may throw something at your TV as the Golf Channel coverage ends at 1130 and there is a half hour gap you will miss. The last two days of start times are determined by the leader-board. Leaders play last. So unless a player is near the bottom of the leader-board you'll get to see most or all of their round. However, there are a lot of golfers - they can't show them all. If your guy is near the top or bagging birdies and moving up the board - they'll put a camera on them. With something called the Golf Channel - you would think we could just watch the whole tourney - no such luck - email them and complain:

4. DVR the tourney

It takes a lot less time to watch a tourney if you can fast forward through players you don't care about. Plus you can enjoy the summer outdoors and watch when you get home. Watch the broadcast until they show the guys you wanna follow - and remember what colors they are wearing. That way you know when to stop the FF and hit play. One other cool thing - with our new smart phones. If you see a great shot - rewind and film in on your cell cam - works pretty good.

The tournaments start on Thursdays and end on Sundays. Remember - they cant win a tourney on Thursday or Friday - but they can lose. You're just hoping they are not way over par on Thursday and make the cut on Friday. Then cheer them on Saturday -  hoping they are near the top on Sunday. If they are - you will suddenly find yourself transfixed as your guy makes the winning put. The ladies are fun to watch too. Don't miss out on a great finish by failing to tune in to them as they finish on a Sunday - or setting your DRV for the last hour on Sunday. Tourneys can run over - so adding an hour extension is not a bad idea. Don't forget to tell your golf buds that you are taping it - so they don't text you with a Tiger update and spoil it.

5. Check the Leader-board.

See who's leading and where your players are. Once you know who's leading, you know who to root against and how many shots ahead or behind your players are. If they are not in the top 20 you might have to check online - I like to go there on my phone. The sites sucks up a lot of RAM online but works great on a mobile. There's a "color" tab to the right of each player. You can color the players you are rooting for and easily scroll to keep track of where they are on the leader-board. There is also a Play by Play button you can turn On - to get shot by shot updates on each player in between TV coverage.

6.. Look at the Par and shot Overlay

Looking at what hole they are on will help you know how far along they are in the round. When they pan to your guy - look at the overlay - what the par of the whole he is on and what shot he is on. Simple but important. You want them to score. If they are on the second shot of a par 4 - you know they need to stick it close to the pin in order to have a make-able birdie put. Par 4 = needs it in the hole in 3 shots to score 1 under par for that hole. Lowest score wins! Checking for that and doing the quick math in your head will tell you if your player is about to birdie, par or bogey - then root for the outcome you want. Works on players that you are trying to beat too.


-Rick Jansen-

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Golf With Brent

Your game is ridiculous good. Your clubs should be licensed with the police dept. You could take out a perp from around the corner with that draw shot. I and the other hand can only brag about buying beer when the bar was closed. As I brought them out I realized should of got Dos Equis and declared "He is the most interesting man in the world." But, the way you played yesterday - that distinction belongs to you. "Stay thirsty my friend!

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More Please

More on Reading Greens Please.  Most of us know little on the subject of reading greens. On short putting under 20' - I saw a tip of looking at a spot on the cup - tried it and it seemed to help my mind zero in and make more puts.

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NIce Pros Brent

Too True. Was gonna refer to Foley and the rest as Remoras (little fish that swim on sharks) . But they serve a purpose,  He is really just a Mosquito. Blood sucking insects that infect and weaken or kill the host for their own benefit. The scary part is that is he so talented - it could take a long time for him to hit bottom and realize he doesn't need Foley. Then a year or more to get his advice out of his head and another to relearn his old techniques. He may find it harder to say " I was wrong " than The Fonz in that episode of Happy Days.

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Summer Baby! - How to stay Cool....

(Udated 7/22)

Get a tan - Burn fat in the sun - Pay Less for Golf - 110 - light wind - my kind of golf weather. Only problem -  the glove is killing the tan on my left hand. Call me Two Tone - Michael Jackson baby. (Update) I no longer use a glove, not for vanity, I changed my grip, like the feel and dont have to take my glove on and off to put.  

One secret that does work is electrolytes. I make a make a concentrate with coconut water an unsweetened blueberry juice and put it in my waters, 2/1 water to concentrate. I sneak 4 frozen bottles of that in my bag. If you cant make the liquid on the road, Emergen-C 40 for $9 at Walmart. Just drop in a bottle of water. (May contain aspertame, that's why I no longer use them).

Another tip is to remember any kind of caffeine - soda - Iced Tea - will dehydrate the hell out of you. Alcohol too. 

Heat stroke is real -  but can be avoided by staying hydrated.

I keep a long thin towel (snap towells worthless in extreme heat) in the bottom of my ice chest (where the cold water is melted) - just wrap it around your neck to cool the blood going to your head, That one can save a life if you see somebody fading our there on the course.

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