Summer Baby! - How to stay Cool....

Summer Baby! - How to stay Cool....

(Udated 7/22)

Get a tan - Burn fat in the sun - Pay Less for Golf - 110 - light wind - my kind of golf weather. Only problem -  the glove is killing the tan on my left hand. Call me Two Tone - Michael Jackson baby. (Update) I no longer use a glove, not for vanity, I changed my grip, like the feel and dont have to take my glove on and off to put.  

One secret that does work is electrolytes. I make a make a concentrate with coconut water an unsweetened blueberry juice and put it in my waters, 2/1 water to concentrate. I sneak 4 frozen bottles of that in my bag. If you cant make the liquid on the road, Emergen-C 40 for $9 at Walmart. Just drop in a bottle of water. (May contain aspertame, that's why I no longer use them).

Another tip is to remember any kind of caffeine - soda - Iced Tea - will dehydrate the hell out of you. Alcohol too. 

Heat stroke is real -  but can be avoided by staying hydrated.

I keep a long thin towel (snap towells worthless in extreme heat) in the bottom of my ice chest (where the cold water is melted) - just wrap it around your neck to cool the blood going to your head, That one can save a life if you see somebody fading our there on the course.

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